Lochiel provide monthly maintenance contract that will guarantee you a monthly visit (checklist below) to your estate to apply preventive maintenance and reactive maintenance when required.

We will administer all the different supplier that might be contracted to work on your estate such as pest control, swimming pool maintenance company etc…  And will conduct any works that you might require. Will be at your disposal a hot line 24/24.

We will manage any issue and works needed on your estate. If it can’t be handle by our Home Technician, we will provide you with different quotation from suppliers, advice and suggestion, follow up of the works during and after, and complete summary of everything happening on your property on a web-based CRM. You will have one contact person for any issue/work link to your property.

For Emergency, Lochiel will provide you the option of an emergency response team being able to assist you, should you face any urgency, within your estate that require immediate action. (This emergency team will be quoted separately at a preferred price)

Home Maintenance

Monthly Checklist:
On our initial visit our site supervisor will conduct a detailed inspection of your property and will detect high risk area and asset to be monitored. Through the CRM, each item in the list below will be inspected and a report will be drafted stating action to be taken.

Exterior Walls – Doors – Windows- Roof- Electric Panel- Water Faucet- Seat/ Tables- Waste Can -Shelter- Exterior Lightings- Cameras- Fence- Parking- Landscaping- Steps- CWA Reading- Water Tank- Grease Trap- Drains & Dalo- Swimming pool- Pump- Generator

Floors- Walls- Ceilings- Fire Extinguishers- Sprinkler- Breaker Boxes- Kitchen.

Yearly Services:
Clean Dishwasher filters and washing machine – Clean sink and shower drain. Operate water shut off valves- Clean Refrigerator Coils- Check Drinking Water Filters- Operate all windows and doors- Check Weather Stripping- Trim Branches in contact with Houses- Inspect Attic- Inspect Garage door- Clean Roof Fan- Light Cleaning of Air Con filters.